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Engagement Info

December 20, 2011

Wedding Info




South Carolina






South Carolina




Nyzia's Parents

Felicia Covington& Sammie McBride

Detravious's Parents

Lorraine Nicholson& Webster Ross


Nyzia McBride and Detravious Ross

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How We Met

Me and my best friend meet when we was at school together. He started looking me up and down and stuff and then he asked me out on a date. My first impressions was when we went out of town together and we had an nice dinner.

How We Got Engaged

We got an engaged on Dec. 20,2011 and it happened because we was just sitting down at the table with some frinds and he was like baby I dont want u to cry but I really wanna make it offically to you and I was like what and then thats when I seen he pulled it out an Kays Jewelry box with the engagement ring in it and ask me would I marry him.

About the Ring

Its gold all around with diamonds on both side and a big diamond in the middle!!! The ring shine bright like a diamond on my hand!!

Our Shared Interests

Some of my favorite things to do as an couple is watch movie or babysit or cook!! We also like to play games and just sit around and have a good time!!

Our Favorite Date Night

We go out to eat to Applebees or to the movies or go chill on the lake or we might go to nail salon together to get our feet done or we sit outside and have a good laugh and just chill and relax!!!

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

I am excited about the whole wedding actual but mostly picking my dress out to wear and also walking down the walk way and seeing the audience!!

Our Relationship in Three Words